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Throughout the years we have spent much of our time reading, reviewing and learning about trustworthy websites that provide information we feel comfortable relying upon. Our hope is to save you some time by providing a list of some of our favorite resources. Many of these websites are non-profit organizations with no real reason to distort their information.  Others are websites with data based on unbiased research.

We hope you find these resources helpful…click on the name to follow the link.

The Cornucopia Institute:  If you buy local and organic produce or are an organic farmer you will find this website an excellent resource for what is going on with farming around the country.  Look at the helpful scorecards for cereals, eggs, soy products, dairy and the DHA guide for valuable information.  Did you know the raw almonds you eat are no longer raw?
Eat Well Guide:  Locating healthy restaurants, bakers, CSAs, Farmers’ Markets, co-ops and various other healthy alternatives just got easier with this city or zipcode guide.  Plan your next trip with healthy alternatives to fast food.
The Environmental Working Group:  A resource for learning about toxic and unhealthy chemicals in our food, make-up, sunscreens and many more items as well as a resource for understanding many chemical ingredients and their side-effects.  One of our most frequented sites…a mobile app for the product guides is also available.
GRACE Communications Foundation: highlights the interconnections of food, water and energy, educating consumers, advocates and policy makers through our web-based initiatives:  Sustainable Table, Eat Well Guide, The Meatrix, Network for New Energy Choices, H2O Conserve and the Ecocentric blog.
Green Power Partnership: Searchable by state, find green power options available to you.  Provided by the USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
GreenUp:  The GreenUp initiative, powered by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), brings the Green Economy to everyone’s doorsteps. The GreenUp platform provides resources for contributing to the Green Economy through everyday choices and sharing success stories of a Green Economy in action.
Local Harvest:  This non-profit organization is great for locating local farmers’ markets, family farms, restaurants and other sources of sustainably grown food in the area.

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