what are “green” homes?

You might be asking yourself, “what the heck are green homes?”  Green is a term used to describe energy-efficient and sustainable homes which include every aspect of the home, whether new construction or an existing home.

Some professionals involved in the sustainable industry will say the greenest home you can buy is one that already exists.  That can be a true statement if you are only considering the carbon footprint of the home.  Landscaping, efficiency of existing appliances, roofing, indoor air quality, toxins in the cabinets, carpeting and older paint may not figure into that statement, nor the disposal of all the materials that may be replaced during a major renovation.  If you would like to learn more about energy-efficient systems components, i.e. geothermal HVACs, air sealing, cool roofs, landscaping, etc., visit our library to read articles, view videos and slideshows or check out some of our resource links.

Others will say the greenest homes are new homes using the latest and best building practices, reducing the amount of waste disposal vs. a renovation.  Many components of a new home may be dependent upon the area of the country in which you decide to live, i.e humid and hot, dry and hot, extreme hot and cold temperatures, etc.  What might be a good structural component in one area may not be the best for another area.

Working with a certified green professional will help ensure a more satisfactory transition from one home to another.

…third-party certified green professionals dedicated to helping consumers find resource-efficient homes!

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