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Appraisers To Include More Green Features

According to the National Mortgage Professional, the Appraisal Institute has updated its Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum.  This addendum, although optional, used in conjunction with Form 1004 will include more green features of the subject property.  Used by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA, Form 1004 without the addendum will rarely include any green features that would be used in the evaluation process.

Among other changes, the revised document has new energy fields to help appraisers collect information on a home’s green features, references to help them complete the solar section and a glossary. An area on photovoltaic cells was shortened and a solar water heating system included.

“The Appraisal Institute updated its addendum to make it easier for appraisers, lenders and consumers to use and understand,” says Appraisal Institute President Richard Borges II. “The form also will make it easier for appraisers to determine whether recent home sales should be used as comparable sales and provide assistance for Realtors in populating MLS data fields with accurate green information.”

Prefab housing market expected to grow through 2018.

Prefab housing market expected to grow through 2018 |  Making a comeback is manufactured housing.  First time homebuyers are reemerging and affordable housing builders will benefit. Continue reading Prefab housing market expected to grow through 2018.

2012 Housing Market Saw Biggest Gain in 7 Years!

Green Florida Properties

While many homebuyers and investors have sat on the sidelines expecting several more waves of foreclosures to keep the housing market depressed, the National median housing market ended 2012 with renewed strength and momentum.  According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) there were more closed sales, higher median home prices, more pending sales and the year ended with the lowest housing inventory in more than a decade in many states.

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January 1, 2013 the new 3.8% Tax will be in effect.

Frank Lloyd Wright House In Phoenix, AZ Is Saved!

Jeannette Moore, GreenFLBroker

Recently an article about a developer who purchased a home Frank Lloyd Wright built for his son in Phoenix, AZ.  was soon to be demolished and a new community would arise in its’ place.  A lot of people were outraged that an American icon’s work would be demolished rather than restored.

Interestingly, a number of quick-thinking individuals, concerned about saving the house from demolition, formed and started a petition on  Someone learned of this planned demolition and stepped forward to purchase the house for $2.4 million.  The anonymous buyer plans to restore and preserve this historic landmark which is great news for all the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture fans!  Many thanks to the benevolent buyer of this 1952 property in Phoenix!  My hopes are the house will be restored and shared with the public like my favorite FallingWater in Beaver Falls, PA.

“The greenest house is the…

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