US GreenBroker Team Member Joins HomeSmart Elite Group

Jan Green, Realtor, Green, EcoBroker

US GreenBrokers Team Member Jan Green, Realtor®, Green®, EcoBroker®, has joined HomeSmart Elite Group in Scottsdale, AZ!  In addition to published articles and blog posts Jan has been teaching and organizing green classes throughout the Phoenix area for several years.  Be sure to visit Jan’s website  to view her listings, learn more about Jan and  her “green” projects in the Phoenix area. Congratulations Jan…we know your green reputation will follow you!

Everywhere you go you hear, “green”, “sustainable”, “eco-friendly” and numerous other terms that are usually just words used for marketing to the “green-minded” consumer.  With so much “green-washing” (using a term with no real proof or certification) consumers, and many professionals, find it confusing.

NAR-GreenBuyers, Sellers, Builders, Lenders and Appraisers can feel confident working with a REALTOR® who has earned the Green® designation when they are looking to buy, sell or appraise a home with resource-efficient systems and sustainable features.  As the National Association of Realtors’ only certification designating  advanced education of building science and its’ benefits.  Those with the Green® designation can add a great deal of value in your next real estate transaction!


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