in the green…

Photo: Proud Green Home – Gary Wollenhaupt

Improvements for increasing the resale value of your home:  According to the Remodeling Cost Value Index there are several home improvements projects, in addition to remodeling kitchens and baths, which will add value to your home.  With a whooping 96.6% return on your investment, a new front door is a smart choice.  Make it one of the more energy efficient fiberglass doors and you’ve added even more appeal to your property.  Additionally, replacing your garage doors, leaky windows and updating your roof (lighter color) not only increases the resale value of your house but also reduces your utility bills which is becoming even more sought after by home buyers.    Read more….

US Foods labeled “Natural” often contain GMO’s: Many of us are already familiar with the term “GMOs” or genetically engineered food products like soy and corn (the two most widely grown GMO products) but even more consumers are confused by the “natural” label on foods they find on grocery shelves.  According to a recent Reuters news article, many of the so-called “natural” foods actually contain substantial levels of GMO ingredients as tested by Consumer Reports. This confusion is multiplying even more as the Grocers Manufacturers Association, (GMA) which represents more than 300 food companies, is pushing the government to develop a definition of the term “natural” on food packaging which will allow foods that DO contain GMOs to be labeled “natural”.   Read more…

Top 11 Hot New Green Building Products:  From ceiling fans to dishwashers, flooring products, green roofs, bricks and more, the GreenBuild Expo highlights 11 new green building products.  Read more….

Photo: Matt Miller/TNC – Green Jay

Top 10 National Wildlife Refuges to Visit:  Theodore Roosevelt created the Pelican Island Refuge in Florida to protect nesting pelicans from poachers and so began the National Wildlife Refuge System, one of the shining stars of our conservation history. With approximately 560 national wildlife refuges protecting more than 150 million acres of land our wildlife refuges offer so much natural beauty and wildlife species to be enjoyed by naturalists.  The Nature Conservancy offers their top ten picks.  Read more…  

Solar Energy Might Be The Largest Source of Electricity By 2050: According to the IEA (International Energy Agency) solar energy could out-pace fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear to become the largest source of electricity by mid-century.  In a recent article two IEA technology roadmaps were studied in relation to the increased value of solar technology and reduced costs.  The two “roadmaps” lend credibility to solar technologies’ ability to prevent the emission of more than 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2050!  Read more…

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