Greening Your Fourth of July Celebration

Ok, I have to admit I don’t think it’s possible to green fireworks displays.  Not only do the fireworks emit noxious smells (probably loaded with toxic chemicals too) but I always find the remnants of all my neighbors’ personal fireworks in the street and my yard.  I won’t even go into my thought about all the poor animals forced to endure the 4th, but anyone with pets already knows.  So, what’s left to green then?

Happy July 4th! Photo: Robin Madel

Actually there are lots of ways to green the other components of your July 4th celebration!

1.  Opt for a party in your neighborhood that you can ride a bike or walk to.  Try leaving your car parked for 24 hours or longer (the reduced carbon emissions from all of us would be helpful).

2.  If you are hosting a party instead of sparklers and fireworks why not add lots of solar lights and lanterns in your yard…it will probably cost the same and they will last longer!

3.  If you’re planning a cook-out you can make it a more sustainable cook-out when you buy your veggies and watermelon from local farmers.  If you are serving burgers or some meat why not opt for grass-fed varieties that will be better for your body and for the environment.  And for your libations why not serve biodynamic wines and local, craft beers in addition to your homemade lemonade or punch?  Click here for more ideas on grilling out on the 4th and all summer.

4.  Don’t forget to recycle and compost what you can!

5.  And finally, if you can’t walk or ride a bike to a fireworks display or just don’t want to bother leaving your house click here to watch a beautiful fireworks display (with music). This one was in China last year  but not a 4th of July celebration.  Not only is it stunning but the shapes are incredible!  Thanks for sharing this link with me Susan!

What other green things do you do to make yours a more sustainable 4th of July celebration?

Wishing everyone a safe and green 4th of July!  Please don’t forget the reason we celebrate it!


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