US GreenBrokers Welcomes Arizona Green Developer!

US GreenBrokers is proud to announce the addition of Vali Homes as a featured green developer in Phoenix, AZ.  Austin Trautman’s company builds net zero and high performance energy-efficient homes that combine affordability, comfort and sustainability with exceptional beauty.

Phoenix, AZ
Photo Courtesy of Vali Homes, Net Zero House in Phoenix, AZ

Trautman is an environmentalist with a degree in kinesiology from Arizona State University and spent the last three years researching the best way to build a net-zero energy home that produces all the power it consumes.  Trautman, along with architect Matthew Salenger of Colab Studio and James Trahan of 180degrees Inc., take each home to high performance or net-zero focusing on passive solar principles, indoor air quality and extreme insulation.

Vali Homes‘ featured home in central Phoenix, built on an infill lot, achieves a net-zero rating by consuming only as much energy as it produces through the use of solar panels, air-tight construction, ventilated metal panels, LED lighting and a fresh air system.  Without the solar panels the HERS rating of this home measured 40-45.  A $3200 tax credit for the solar panels may be available to a Buyer of this house. This property has been submitted for a USGBC LEED Platinum Rating.

Vali Homes has gained national attention with its’ first net zero house in Phoenix.  This green team aims for “maximum comfort, net-zero energy use, desert landscaping, extremely low water use and maybe most importantly, minimal maintenance both today and in the decades to come.”  Another wonderful attribute of Vali Homes is they are a member of 1% for the Planet ( and donate one percent of the home purchase price toward protecting the environment.

US GreenBrokers welcomes Austin Trautman and Vali Homes as a featured builder.  We look forward to showcasing more of Trautman’s net-zero homes in the Phoenix area.  Trautman’s net-zero 1500 square foot house has been listed for $385,000.  Contact one of our Arizona GreenBrokers’ REALTORS® for more information about this property.

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