Jeannette Moore, GreenFLBroker

Did you know that over 50 countries now require labeling of Genetically Modified (GMO) foods yet the United States is not one of those countries?  I won’t go into details now about how other countries do not let big companies like Monsanto control the health of the population, but you can read one of my previous posts if you want to know more, by clicking here.

If you are not already familiar with reading the PLU codes on produce, now is time for you to be aware that you can at least make healthy choices when buying produce if you are not already buying organic.  Check out those tiny sticker labels and you will find what is called a PLU (Price Look Up) number.  They are either 4 or 5 digits.  The 4 or 5 digit numbers in the “3000s” indicates the produce was grown conventionally which means fertilizers…

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