More homeowners across the country are taking back their front yards for sustainable landscapes.

Jeannette Moore, GreenFLBroker

A Ferguson, Missouri homeowner. Karl Tricamo, worked hard creating his edible front yard which he calls his “yarden”.  Unfortunately the Ferguson (outskirts of St. Louis) city officials didn’t consider it as lovely as Mr. Tricamo and his family did.  They were able to provide about 80% of their vegetables from this garden and since Karl is a stay at home dad I’m sure the lower grocery bills were a big help.

After being cited numerous times, Karl enlisted the help of an attorney and together they won their battle to keep their yarden and feed the family!  Kudos to Karl for his perserverance!  Read Zachary Slobig’s article in Good magazine by clicking here.

By the way…Urban Outlaws…that’s what homeowners who deviate from the norm of a neat lawn of grass are being labeled.  Whether homeowners plant a yard-ful of drought tolerant plants or edible plants they are being cited…

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