Repel those pesky mosquitoes – naturally!

Jeannette Moore, GreenFLBroker

With all the recent rains from Tropical Storm Debby my house looked like I lived on the waterfront!  I think it was one of those 100 year storms as I have never seen so much rainwater!  I filled 8 rain-barrels and drained as much standing water as possible with a small pump, but am still coping with some wet soil which the mosquitoes seem to be enjoying.  I have been experimenting with essential oil combinations, instead of DEET products and have found them to work well.

What couldn’t have come at a better time was an article in a recent Natural Home and Garden newsletter with recipes for natural mosquito repellent. A study by the National Park Service found that test groups exposed to DEET reported side effects including nausea, headaches, dizziness, skin irritation, rashes and numb or burning lips. Researchers at Duke University also found that long-term exposure to DEET…

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