EarthDay 2012 is this Sunday!

I’m proud to say I was involved in the first EarthDay, 1970 when sustainability and energy conservation acts were considered fads and part of a radical movement.  Now, several decades later I absolutely love seeing so many people involved in conservation, best sustainable  management practices and young people so involved in the future of our natural resources, no longer considered a fad or radical.  The sad thing is it took the price of oil, water and electricity to make the population realize something has to be done!

So what are you going to do on EarthDay 2012?  Maybe you won’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth or you might go for a bike ride instead of driving your car somewhere or maybe you have to work and won’t have much time to do anything.  Whatever you might decide to do why not pledge your act of green to the Billion Acts of Green campaign by EarthDay Network.  The last time I checked there were 968,868,973 acts of green pledged.  Help reach the billion pledges goal by EarthDay 2012 and add your act of green!  Click here to make your free pledge…

If you would like to get more involved but don’t know what is going on in your area you can learn more about sustainable initiatives and events across the globe by clicking here!

I will be participating in the 1st Annual Tour de Farm in my area (NE Florida) by visiting numerous local farms that have graciously opened their properties to all who want to learn more about their organic farming practices.  Organized by Slow Food First Coast, this is a wonderful and free event in Florida.

No matter how much time you have this Sunday, I do hope you are able to stop and think about conserving our natural resources.  Have a green day!  Be sure to let US know your EarthDay plans in the comment section below…

One thought on “EarthDay 2012 is this Sunday!”

  1. Jeannette – Arizona’s weather has been extremely cool for this time year (may not be a good thing these days) but my winter garden is getting a second go-round. I’ll be harvesting my late crop spinach and lettuce on Sunday. Just an excuse to be outside and play in the dirt.


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