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USGreenBrokers.com is about third-party certified Realtors, Builders, products and resources that will help you along your green path to finding a healthier and more affordable home.  Sure, many people will tell you it’s too expensive to buy a green house or green your own home, but they just don’t know!  With so many affordable housing projects around the US that have been built green many have realized that just isn’t so!

Explore our website for green Realtors, Builders, properties for sale, read our blog posts for tax incentives/rebates, products and tips for greening your lifestyle.  Visit US on Pinterest and take a look at our various boards that highlight sustainable homes, our team members, healthy recipes, DIY  & up-cycling projects, green products, organic gardening tips and so much more!  Like US on Facebook and keep up with US and our on-going research and adventures.  If you prefer tweeting join us on Twitter and tweet your green thoughts.  Find US on Tumblr if that’s your favorite social media portal or look for US on other social media websites.  We’ve set up our US GreenBrokers YouTube site to include videos that explain components of green building and other topics of interest. Send us comments about things you would like to see on our website or social media sites, subjects or products you would like us to cover and don’t be surprised if you see something new on your next visit to our website or other venues.

Welcome…explore…and enjoy!  Thank you for sharing your time and comments with us!

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…a network of third-party certified green professionals dedicated to helping consumers find energy-efficient homes with better indoor air quality.

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