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- A leading company of open and closed cell spray-foam insulation products which are one-step performance materials that both insulate and air seal a building for the lifetime of the structure.

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1Payday.Loans - Fast Cash Advances Online & Nearby - 1PLs Company (loans up to $35000) provides fast cash (payday or personal loans in 24 hours) to residents of any US cities/states (e.g. Shreveport, Louisiana, USA).

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Green products and services

Using the word “green” to describe products and services these days has become one of the most widely used terms for marketing. Unfortunately companies who use the word “green” in their company name or product description may be guilty of “green-washing”, a common practice of using terms to increase public awareness when there are no third-party certifications to back any claims.

Just as we adhere to strict principles in verifying third-party certifications of our real estate team members, we only provide lists of products and services that we have verified third-party green certifications. Our list will grow as we research more companies, so be sure to check back for new products.